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Trinidad and Tobago are two islands united as a single country with totally different characters. Trinidad is a bit close to Venezuela. In the bustling capital, Port of Spain, you'll find some notable examples of Provincial and Renaissance style design, as well as a diverse social mix of Creoles, Africans, Amerindians, Europeans and East Indians. Major palm-fringed beaches are nearby and its forest-covered mountain ranges break up the island, creating picturesque scenery. If you're planning a vacation, do it right. Find a holiday home with the help of HolidayExpertz in Trinidad and Tobago that will be your private paradise. You will not have to pay any booking fees to the owner, which will be an advantage for you.


Tourism in Trinidad and Tobago and surrounding areas

Specifically, the two islands are famous for their incredible birding, with numerous bird species from nearby South America enhancing biodiversity. Tobago, normally charming, is Trinidad's younger and less created sister. Rainforests, coral reefs and white sand coasts are top holiday destinations here, with fantastic open ports for swimming and diving. Beaches and other outdoor environmental factors create an intriguing air in Scarborough. This city's coral reefs, sailing and sightseeing nearby attract numerous visitors, and its romantic and relaxing area adds further appeal. The area's lifestyle and unrecorded music are just some of the reasons to relax in Arima. Holidayexpertz will help you find spacious holiday homes where you won't be charged any booking fees. 


Family fun


It's anything but difficult to get into the casual lifestyle, however that doesn't mean you have to stay put. For a change from the seaside, explore some of Trinidad and Tobago's curious fishing towns dotted along the coasts. Along the northwestern coast of Tobago is the famous city of Plymouth, interesting for history lovers. A birdwatcher's paradise, Asa Wright Nature Center and Lodge encompasses 1,500 sections of densely forested terrain in the Arima and Aripo valleys. You may also spot some hummingbirds, nuthatches, pygmy owls, trogons and the rare night owl, which are just some of the bird species. You can go on a bird watching tour, have lunch or tea on the terrace, or stay in one of the cabins here. The Main Ridge Forest Reserve is supposedly the oldest legally protected forest in the Western Hemisphere and rich in biodiversity. While walking through these reserves you will also be able to see frogs, lizards, snakes and butterflies, it is one of the most picturesque ways to see the forest. If you're looking for child-friendly holiday homes in Trinidad and Tobago, Holidayexpertz is for you.


lonely beaches


Continue living your best island life as you sample the calm turquoise waters of Tobago's pristine shores. He totally leaves the frame in a segregated section of Costa, where his impressions will probably be the only ones he will see; Or jump at the center of the activity with adrenaline, threw aquatic sports on a marine shore. Regardless of the fact that the sun is absorbing, absorbing the waves or looking for exquisite attacks, there is a segment of sand that is perfect for you. Pigeon Point Beach is perfect for families and children. Located on a private coconut farm, the beach is lined with coconut trees, palapas and a great beach bar/restaurant, just steps from the cerulean sea. The crescent-shaped bay of Maracas is home to a quiet and well-kept coastline, protected by a row of palm trees. This is a popular getaway spot from Port of Spain; just consider the hour-long drive through the mountains as part of the fun. Holidayexpertz will help you find beach holiday homes in Trinidad and Tobago to make your trip unforgettable.



As you would expect from the nation that created Caribbean melodic conventions such as calypso, soca and steel drum, the nightlife (especially in Trinidad, in the Port of Spain region) offers ample options. Bars, clubs, hanging out at rum shops, moving around and listening to music are some of the options. Try the 51 Degrees Lounge to get moving or Trotters, an English-style bar, if you fancy a lager and sports.


Food for gourmets

In Tobago, there is an abundance of choices to find phenomenal entertainment, food and drink - each offering something else, from upscale cafes to relaxed seaside and street restaurants. The cuisine of these islands has changed dramatically over time and continues to do so. Neighborhood food mixes with Creole conventions, but on both islands you can discover current cafes that push the boundaries of further opportunities. You can try roti, which is a sandwich made of a delicate tortilla-like wrapper and filling; tasty Indian meat and vegetable dishes vindaloo; and pelau, coconut milk chicken with peas and rice.


Favorable time for visiting

The best ideal time to visit Trinidad and Tobago is from January to May when the skies remain clear. Although the islands are not in the storm belt, overnight showers are a daily occurrence from June to December. Winter weather can also be the perfect time to travel to Tobago for warm weather travelers. How to get there

Numerous flights help you reach the breathtaking beauty of Trinidad and Tobago. You can take a significant flight to Trinidad Piarco International Airport and then passengers take a domestic flight connecting both islands to ANR Robinson International Airport which gives you the proximity to access nearby places. You can also rent a car or vehicle to visit the city.


Accommodation in Trinidad and Tobago

Whether it's a weekend getaway or a long-awaited vacation, there's a vacation home where you can feel comfortable and relax. For added convenience, many of these vacation rentals can be booked directly online. Real estate owners also access their money online within 24 hours. Holiday rentals without booking fees are the most effective alternative of all. We offer you all the quality facilities such as well-furnished villas, apartments, condominiums, townhouses and cottages in Trinidad and Tobago according to your needs. Holidayexpertz is one of the best vacation rental providers offering you savings of up to 15%-20% on booking fees compared to our competitors. Happy travels!!


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