Terms and Conditions

The following terminology applies to these terms and conditions: “Owner”, “Traveler”, “Renters” “You”, and “Your”, refers to you, the person accessing this website, and accepting the Company’s terms and conditions. The “Company”, “Ourselves”, “We” and “Us”, refers to our Company. “Party”, “Parties”, or “Us”, refers to both the Client and ourselves, or either the Client or ourselves. 



Client’s records are confidential and will not be divulged to any third party. Holidayexpertz.com will not sell, share, or rent any confidential information to third parties and use email or contact numbers for any unsolicited activities.



These terms and conditions apply from the date of you register to use services or our website, until the date these terms and conditions terminate.



By using Holidayexpertz.com services you are giving us permission to perform a range of task which includes research, design, creative, media placement, managing and updating listing, and posting, etc which may include third party sources or software time to time. We do not provide any warranty or liability for any third-party software or website script or service that are including in the website.



Holidayexpertz.com will accept the changes on your property page via e-mail only to us at the earliest within 7 days. Further changes may apply charges depending on the nature of change.



You may request suspension for the services. All such requests are subject to the prior written approval, and we reserve the right to agree on such changes. After the agreed period it may apply some charges, which will be explained at that time only. 



As a client, you are committing to provide our request of information (content, pricing, images, etc.) required for update the property on the website. A timely supply of information helps us to work more effectively and complete the project on time.



Holidayexpertz.com reserve all the right to change the term and condition at any point in time without any prior notice and you continue the use of the site will signify your acceptance to any change.



It is with the help of our website; the owners get a platform to advertise their accommodation for reservations and the users or travelers can book or make reservations. By making a deal with Holidayexpertz.com, you make a direct contractual relationship with the accommodation provider with which you have made the booking. After making your reservation with the accommodation owner, we serve as an intermediary between you and the service provider and pass on the booking details to the third party as well as sending you the confirmation email on behalf of the service provider.

While rendering the services, we disclose only the information shared with us by the service providers. The service providers are allowed to update the rates and other information displayed to the visitors through the extranet. We try our level best to provide the best services to our users; however, we neither can guarantee that the information collected is exact, complete, or correct nor be responsible for any errors, interruptions, or non-delivery of information. Every service provider is responsible for the accurate, complete, and correct information displayed on our website.

The services offered by us are available for personal as well as non-commercial use only. Therefore, you do not have any rights to copy, manage, or reproduce any content available on our website for any business purpose.



The rates available on our website are highly competitive. These rates are per room basis for your entire stay and it may or may not include the VAT as well as other taxes. You should note that the applicable taxes can be charged by the service providers as per cancellation fees.

Sometimes the lesser rates are provided on our website for the stay at a property for a limited period. These offered rates by owners may have certain restrictions as well as conditions applicable. You should ideally check the room and fare details for any condition before making the deal.

We intend to offer the lowest price possible for your stay. If you find the lower rate for the accommodation with the same reservation conditions on the Internet, then we compare the difference between our rate and the lower rate under the terms and conditions of the Best Price Guarantee.

You should not rely on the currency converter as it is provided for the information purpose and may not give accurate results and thereby the actual rates may vary.



Certain service providers allow you to make secure online payments. This payment is done safely from your debit, credit, or bank account to the bank account of the service provider using the third-party payment processor. Sometimes, the service providers charge a substantial amount on the reservation or confirmation of booking. 

While making the payment using a credit card, there can be chances of fraud or unauthorized access by third parties. In such a case, the credit card company bears the risk and covers the charges due to the fraudulent activity. In case of any such activity, ensure you inform the credit card company as well as contact us through email. Ensure the subject line specifies “credit card fraud” and attach the evidence of the deducted charges. This policy is applicable only when the booking is made using the credit card on the secure server of Holidayexpertz.com.



While booking with the owner, you agree on the cancellation and no-show policy of the owner as well as on the other policies laid down by the owners. You can read the cancellation and no-show policy available on our website or send it through email to you on the confirmation of booking. Note that the minor cancellation charges are charged by the owner. While making a deal, various considerations such as late payment, wrong bank, or insufficient amount in the bank, and invalid credit/debit card details at your own risk and no refund of any transaction will be made.

If you make the cancellation of your booking, follow the instructions mentioned in the confirmation email. You are entitled to pay the cancellation amount to the owner. 

If you delay in arrival on the check-in date or arrive the next day, then ensure that the update is communicated to the owner so that they do not cancel the room booking or charge the no-show fee. Holidayexpertz.com does not accept any liability or responsibility for the results of your delayed arrival or any cancellation.



On booking, you will get the confirmation email before you arrive at the destination and receive the message regarding details of the destination. Also, we will send you the email after your stay so that you can complete our guest review form. You can check the privacy policy to get the information as to how do we contact you.

Holidayexpertz.com is not responsible for your communication with the service providers through our platform. To ensure the complete and secure your reservation, you should provide the correct email address. We are not responsible for any mistake in your email address or wrong phone number.

The guest review form is uploaded on our website with the objective of conveying to future customers about the quality of services provided by us.



Holidayexpertz.com is not responsible to identify the identity of users; therefore, you are responsible for the interaction with the other users. We are not responsible for any damage, harm, or any other consequence of your interaction with other users with the help of our services. We do not have the obligation to manage your interactions with the other users of our services. 

To register yourself, you must follow the instructions given on the Holidayexpertz.com website during the registration process. You can register yourself using the personal email address. After registration, Holidayexpertz.com will create your account and profile page on the basis of the information shared by you.

You should not have more than one account and should consent to provide adequate and complete information during registration. You should keep on updating your information if there are any changes. You can deactivate your account anytime. You should be aware that even though you deactivate your account, it can be retained by Holidayexpertz.com on the basis of the privacy policy of our website. You should also understand that the data related to your transaction with Holidayexpertz.com can be sent to other websites. 

After submitting your request to reserve accommodation on the website, the service provider will respond within 48 hours. After the booking is done for an accommodation, Holidayexpertz.com will send you a confirmation booking and binding an agreement between guest and owner only after the booking is confirmed. The agreement between the owner and you will grant a license to the users. 

The content available on the website is protected by copyright and database rights. Nobody has the right to reproduce the information available on the website. The users are granted permission to download, display, or print individual pages of the website. The reviews submitted by the users provide the Holidayexpertz.com to use them on the website or publish them separately. 

You, being a user, should keep your login details secret and should not share them with the third parties. You should try to keep separate passwords for all websites and you should remember that EasyholidaHolidayexpertzytrips.com will never ask you to disclose your password. If you find that your account is being accessed by an unauthorized party, you should email us. 

By uploading the images on our website, you give consent regarding the copyright to the photos and that your photos can be used by Holidayexpertz.com on the website or mobile app. You are granting permission to Holidayexpertz.com that they can reproduce, distribute, or can communicate using the photos. The owner of the photos guarantees that there is no virus or infection associated with the photos. You should note that the photo that does not satisfy the mentioned criteria will not be posted on the website of Holidayexpertz.com.

You are not allowed to destroy any property or take advantage of the owner by us. All the property rights are reserved by Holidayexpertz.com. Any unlawful use of the property by actions or behavior will result in infringement of our intellectual property rights. 

Holidayexpertz.com does not endorse any member, listing, or accommodation. We can ask you for any government identity proof to verify your identity regarding your date of birth or any other information or can make any additional check to verify your background details.

On our website, we have used several terms that mean the same such as a website or site. No member except Holidayexpertz.com has the right to make any changes in the online platform or marketing techniques. We have used various terms such as accommodation fees, guest fees, host fees, service fees, and total fees on our website. They all have different meanings and are used in the most appropriate context. We also make agreements with the owner so that your personal information is kept secure and cannot be used for any further business dealings. Even the owner is asked to give security deposits applicable to their listings. Also, the owners are charged for providing their details of accommodation on our website. Wherever applicable, the taxes are also included in the host fees and guest fees. 

We provide various online payment mechanisms such as PayPal, direct deposit, or using credit or debit cards.

You as a user must understand that you are responsible for compliance with any and all laws, rules, and regulations, as well as tax duties as mentioned on the website. The violation of any law will result in the court order. We as an organization ensure that we satisfy all the rules and regulations laid down by the government.

Ensure that prior to registering and availing the services offered by us, you should read the aforementioned terms and conditions and give your consent. If you have any queries regarding the terms and conditions, you can contact Holidayexpertz.com.



The access for the Holidayexpertz.com website is solely intended for persons above the age of 18 years. Any access or use to the website is highly prohibited by anyone under the age of 18years. In other words, if you are using the website, it implies that you are above the age of 18years.

While registering to the Holidayexpertz.com website you need to specify certain details such as your full name, date of birth, which can be used by us to verify that you are above the age of 18years.



The website, application, or services offer you to facilitate the listing and booking of accommodation. Such accommodations are managed by the accommodation owner. Also, unregistered users can visit the website and view listings. If you want to post the details of a listing, ensure you should have a registered account at Holidayexpertz.com

You should note that the website, application, or services will be used to connect the travelers and accommodation service providers directly with each other. Legally, Holidayexpertz.com is not responsible or does not have control over the content available in any listing.



To access the functionalities of the website, application, or services, or to book an accommodation or to define a listing, you should have an account on Holidayexpertz.com. You can directly register and avail our services through website, or application.